Building and Developing in the Smokies since 2001

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Q: How do we get started?
A: Contact Us to pick your floor plan and reserve your start date. A small deposit secures your build.

Q: What is the price of my cabin build?
A: We offer the most competitive pricing in our industry, utilizing local tradesmen and suppliers. We produce, turn-key cabins and chalets starting in the 300’s. Estimates are free. Contact Us today!

Q: How long does the construction process take?
A: From the time we break ground the average home takes 7 – 9 months for completion.

Q: How does the money work?
A: You can secure your build with a small deposit, starting at $10,000.00 depending on the size of the project. Work would begin immediately on surveying, engineering, and the permitting process. Once construction begins periodic draws are paid via you, or your bank, based on a draw schedule. A percentage is assigned to each task completed and draws are paid as the home is finished.

Q: How does it all work?
A: We try to keep it simple. We answer all questions from the start. Once you pick a floor plan, we coordinate with you for any color and material choices and complete a “work order” sheet for your build. Then we go to work! Once construction is complete, we conduct a scheduled walk through where customers can make a touch up list of anything they see the home needs. We’ve finished more than 300 homes in the Smoky Mountains, and have a proven system of generating quality results and satisfied homeowners.